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MAM in Action – How Big Companies & Government Agencies Benefit from MAM

mobile application management ebookOverview: With the proliferation of mobile devices and our increasing reliance on apps to stay connected, companies, organizations, and government agencies of all shapes and sizes are creating apps to make their mobile workforce more productive and to better
engage with consumers.

A big stumbling block for many organizations is managing the apps once they launch, as it can get complicated pretty quickly. From restricting access to analyzing usage patterns, apps require more than just a great user experience and easy-to-use store to be successful.

This eBook demonstrates how organizations and agencies are now turning to MAM to manage not just an app store, but for the entire mobile application lifecycle – developing to testing, delivering to securing, and analyzing apps.

Key Topics: MAM, Mobile Application Management, MAM Lifecycle

The Meaning of MAM

mobile application management ebookOverview: When your company launches an app, it may feel like the end, but it’s only the beginning. All that hard work that went into developing and testing the app is over—but now the real work begins.

This eBook explains how MAM benefits five critical aspects of enterprise mobility: App Stores, AD/LDAP Integration, Security, Volume Purchase Programs, and App Version Updates.

Key Topics: MAM, Mobile Application Management, MAM Lifecycle

MAM + MDM = BMS (Bada$$ Mobile Strategy)

ebookOverview: In this eBook, we will look at the differences between the two to develop a better understanding of how to use them together. We will also dig deeper into MAM so you can better manage enterprise mobile apps as they become increasingly important to your business. We will look at the MAM lifecycle, a critical IT issue, and how better app configuration can benefit your company.

Key Topics: MAM, MDM, Mobile Application Management, Mobile Device Management, MAM Lifecycle, BYOD, Configuration Management

From Design to Measurement – Steps for Building Successful Mobile Apps


Overview: In this eBook on mobile App usability, we will discuss a mobile App’s lifecycle to better understand Apps in general; all of the elements to take into consideration during the
development phase to ensure a good user experience; and how to measure usage.

Key Topics: Mobile Application Lifecycle, UI/UX Design, Mobile App Measurement

You Down with VPP?


Overview: App47 makes Apple’s Volume Purchase Program easier with our end-to-end mobile application management PLUS the ability to automate tracking and distribution of volume App purchase. This eBook shows you just how easy.

Key Topics: Volume Purchase Program, Apple, Mobile Apps

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