Not Happy With Your Enterprise App Experience? You’re Not Alone

This summer, we took a quick look at the results of Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s recent industry insight report. While many of the results of their survey were positive, some 57% of respondents had not yet implemented their digital transformation process. In other words, many companies still have a long way to go before their mobile app programs are fully mature. 

What’s the story, though, with companies that are knee-deep in the mobile app experience? A recent survey by Kony and Wakefield Research finds that many companies aren’t quite satisfied with the current state of their mobility efforts. Continue Reading

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App47 Product Updates: Agents, Quick-Install, and UI Management

As we’ve discussed in past blogs, our team here at App47 is always on the lookout for new ways to improve our product for our customers.

Of course, there’s no two ways about it: some product updates are significantly more exciting than others. An entirely new UI is much more exciting than a slight tweak to the platform. Nonetheless, those small improvements are still important, and are key to our efforts to make App47 a great product.

Today, we’d like to provide a brief overview of a few product updates that may not be the most exciting, but are nonetheless improvements that we think will be appreciated by many customers. Continue Reading

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Happy Halloween from the App47 Team!

From all of us here at the App47 team: Happy Halloween!

We hope you have a spooky (but not scary) evening full of tricks and treats. But of course, no App47 holiday would be complete without a collection of our favorite mobile apps to celebrate the occasion. Continue Reading

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App47: A Custom Product (Without a Custom Price Tag)

It’s inevitable: when people hear “custom,” they think “expensive.”

In fact, just last month, we wrote a blog series on customization with App47. We know what you’re thinking: App47 offers a custom, tailor-made product, so it must be extraordinarily expensive. 

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Continue Reading

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Strengthening Mobility In Your Enterprise

A simple upgrade in technology is not enough today to address the challenges of deploying and managing too many incompatible devices that perform different functions for different users.

Those are the words of Lisa London in a recent piece for IndustryWeek

As businesses have grown increasingly complex, London says, they have become increasingly reliant upon mobile technology to boost productivity and keep workers connected. The trouble with executing a mobility strategy today, she argues, is that maintaining a suite of applications for various devices and platforms is complicated, and different users have different needs. Continue Reading

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The Most Frequently Blacklisted Enterprise Mobile Apps

In the never-ending quest for perfect enterprise security, mobile apps must certainly be part of the picture. 

The tough part is, most companies don’t just have to worry about the apps they personally build, or have someone else develop. Today’s workforce is so mobile-focused that companies must also worry about external apps they have little or no control over.

Appthority, a mobile security company, just released their Q3 2017 Enterprise Mobile Security Pulse Report (full report here), which highlights some of the biggest mobile security challenges facing the enterprise today. The full report is worth a read, but we were particularly interested in the section on blacklisted apps. Continue Reading

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Customization With App47, Part III: Embedded App Stores

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve talked through two big facets of customization with App47: product extensions and a concept we call “enterprise integration.”  This week, we’re going to round off the series with a concept you may not be familiar with: embedded app stores.

Unlike the other two customization elements we discussed in this series, which are likely to be pain points for the person at a company charged with deploying a BYOD strategy, the person at a company most likely to care about embedded app stores is a product manager who has either gone digital or is going digital. In their case, they’re taking what was traditionally a closed system—something with a dedicated LCD monitor, perhaps—and modernizing them with internet connectivity and other features.

The advent of commercial-grade hardware has changed the equation for product managers. New hardware with a standard UI that looks and feels the same (and in some cases is the same) as consumer-grade hardware requires less training than older dedicated products. As a product manager, now that you’ve taken that step in the modernization process, ask yourself: is the interface you’re serving only dedicated to a specific product, or is there additional functionality you would like to provide through an embedded app store? Continue Reading

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Customization With App47, Part II: Enterprise Integration

Last week, Chris kicked off a series on customization with the App47 platform by talking about product extensions and describing the App47 product-building process. This week, we’re going to pick up where he started and talk about another key element in our ‘customization suite’: enterprise integration.

When we say enterprise integration, what we really mean is tightly integrating App47 into the enterprise environment—rather than building a one-off, custom solution. By keeping 95% of the product the same and customizing that last 5% to better integrate it into the company in question, we can scale quickly and keep a reliable core product while still adapting App47 to specific, individual needs.

The end result feels a lot like a custom solution, but without the cost and tedious process of building something from the ground up for each customer. Continue Reading

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An Introduction to Customization With App47

When you’re choosing a mobility vendor, while it might seem natural to make a decision based solely on the features you want compared to the features that vendor offers, we’re here to tell you that there’s a better way. Put another way, don’t choose one vendor over another just because one is missing one or two features. 

Our philosophy of product-building is based off of years of experience into building software and working with enterprises. Today, I’d like to expand on the idea of product customization and explain some concrete examples to better describe what extensions, or customizations mean to App47. Continue Reading

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Identifying the Biggest Threats to Mobile Security

With more mobile devices being unveiled and used every day, it’s no wonder that mobile security is quickly becoming more top-of-mind for employers, consumers, and employees alike.

Today’s mobile security landscape is more complicated than ever. So, where are the threats coming from? What do they look like? And what are today’s organizations doing to counter them?

In a recent infographic, IBM examined these security threats to try to give a snapshot of what’s at play in attempts to secure the mobile enterprise. Here are some of the more interesting statistics they gathered: Continue Reading

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