Shaping the Future of Policy for Mobile App Companies: App47 Goes to Washington

Although the “fun” side of mobile app development is just that—fun—there’s more to the industry than just examining the new and the next. For better or worse, the policy side of mobility is becoming an increasingly important part of running a business that deals with mobile apps.

Though we don’t talk about it much, the App47 team devotes a significant amount of time and resources to understanding, applying, and shaping the policies and laws surrounding our field. For years we’ve been involved in a number of efforts to work with lawmakers on mobility policy, perhaps most significantly in conjunction with ACT (The App Association), with whom we’ve visited Washington a number of times.

A few weeks ago, we attended a luncheon with around 40 congressional staffers to discuss the policies that impact companies in the mobility space. Continue Reading

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How Will You Use the Enterprise Machine?

Over the last few weeks, we’ve spent some time explaining the next big trend in application management: the enterprise machine.

We started simple by explaining what the enterprise machine is. Then, we explained why we think the future of application management is more than mobile. We talked about why companies embrace the enterprise machine model. And just this week, we took a deep dive into how one of our clients has used the enterprise machine model to give themselves a competitive edge.

To close out our series, we thought we’d pose a simple question: how will you use the enterprise machine to help your business? Continue Reading

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Using the Enterprise Machine Can Give Your Company an Edge

The enterprise machine is the new wave of enterprise application management. Still a relatively new concept, utilizing the enterprise machine in your product lineup can help generate additional revenue and give you full control over the user experience.  

Of course, ranting and raving about the positive benefits of the enterprise machine means little if you aren’t sure how to implement it, or what a use case could look like at your company. So today, we thought we’d take a look at how a client of ours is utilizing an enterprise machine—in hopes of giving you some inspiration for a use case of your own. Continue Reading

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User Behavior Is Putting Us at Risk, Survey Finds

No matter how rigorous an approach you take to security in the enterprise, your biggest threat to security will always be your users.

Though the so-called “user threat” has been well-known by IT professionals since the dawn of the computer, a new study commissioned by RiskIQ finds that the problem is extremely pervasive, and still poses a serious threat for consumer and enterprise app usage. Continue Reading

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3 Reasons Why Companies Embrace the Enterprise Machine

Why are companies embracing the “enterprise machine” model?

Though companies aren’t yet jumping on the enterprise machine bandwagon in droves, every day we see the model being implemented and executed in new and exciting ways. Through all these new use cases, we’ve found a few common reasons a company might work an enterprise machine into its lineup: Continue Reading

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Dropping the “M” In “Mobile Application Management”

For most of our life as a company, we’ve lived in the Mobile Application Management, or MAM, space. 

Not any more.  Continue Reading

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Exploring the Enterprise Machine

After six years of operations, we continue to skate to where the puck is going. We’re betting big and doubling down on our feature sets in ways that some of our enterprise customers won’t see, but will allow our enterprise machine customers to onboard more easily.

(The enterprise machine, in case you’re not familiar, is built into a product that an enterprise sells, but isn’t the product. Think an ultrasound device with a tablet that displays data, or a combine with a linked iPad that assists with planting or fertilizing functionality.) Continue Reading

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Self-Service: A Key Component of Successful EMM

If you’re wondering how best to build employee buy-in for your enterprise mobility program, the first place you should look is your enrollment/onboarding process.

Put another way: the onboarding process is most employees’ first touch point with your EMM program. If it isn’t simple and easy to follow, you’re already starting the relationship on the wrong foot. Continue Reading

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4 Apps That Will Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Spring has sprung!

This time of the year is great for productivity. Better weather means more opportunities to do work around the house, spend time outside, and tackle those projects you’ve been putting off all winter.

Like many other tasks, mobile apps have revolutionized homeowners’ access to information. So, with Spring upon us, we thought we’d share a few apps that will make your to-dos around the home a breeze: Continue Reading

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Study Finds Demand Is Growing for Enterprise Mobile Apps

There’s good news in the enterprise mobility space: demand continues to grow for enterprise mobile apps. 

For its new report, “Annual Mobile App Development Report 2017,” outsourced app development firm ContractIQ surveyed over 4,000 app development agencies it works with–all in the name of getting a snapshot of demand for mobile apps in the enterprise.

Here’s what they found: Continue Reading

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