You Don’t Have Users—You Have “Internal Customers”

Any company that’s ever been frustrated by low adoption rates of one of their enterprise apps knows just how important it is to have employee advocates. Of course, employees won’t be advocates for apps if they don’t believe the apps are worth advocating for.

Creating advocates—employees who will champion enterprise apps and boost adoption rates—is difficult, but not impossible. One way to get started on the process is to change the script: don’t think of your employees as users, think of them as “internal customers.” Continue Reading

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Identifying the Biggest Threats to Mobile Security

With more mobile devices being unveiled and used every day, it’s no wonder that mobile security is quickly becoming more top-of-mind for employers, consumers, and employees alike.

Today’s mobile security landscape is more complicated than ever. So, where are the threats coming from? What do they look like? And what are today’s organizations doing to counter them?

In a new infographic, IBM examined these security threats to try to give a snapshot of what’s at play in attempts to secure the mobile enterprise. Here are some of the more interesting statistics they gathered: Continue Reading

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Report: Two In Three Organizations Ban Employees from Using Public WiFi

Here’s some news that’s probably of interest to followers of the enterprise mobility industry: according to enterprise WiFi connectivity provider iPass, almost two-thirds of organizations ban their mobile workforce from accessing free WiFi hotspots.

In their latest Mobile Security Report, iPass surveyed 500 organizations from the US, UK, Germany, and France, and found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that 92% of respondents were concerned about security issues arising from a growing mobile workforce. 37% of those polled argued the biggest security threat was free WiFi, followed by employees’ lack of attention to security (36%) and managing the various devices employees use (27%). Continue Reading

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App47 Customer Success Story: AppNotch

We talk frequently about the features and functionality of the App47 platform. But as most customers know, it’s one thing to hear about how good a product is from the source—and it’s another thing entirely to hear positive comments from a happy customer.

Our team recently caught up with AppNotch, a long-time customer of App47, to talk about how they use our platform as part of their unique tool that “Appifies” any business.

Normally, the process of developing an app is a resource- and time-intensive process. You need to hire an iOS or Android developer, decide what you want, and have it built out and tested until it’s ultimately ready for release. This can be very expensive and can take months from ideation to execution. Continue Reading

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What Employees Want (In a Mobile App)

What do employees want in a mobile app? 

Writing for CIO Online, Sarah K. White discusses how companies can create apps that employees actually want to use. As she sees it, enterprise mobile apps should keep the user in mind through every stage of development—just like consumer apps. With that in mind, here are three big things employees want in a mobile app: Continue Reading

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4 Signs MAM Is Right for Your Business

We talk a lot about enterprise mobility adoption rates, the benefits of mobile apps in the enterprise, and even what’s up-and-coming in the industry. But, as anyone who’s ever looked into enterprise mobility solutions knows, there are a number of different deployment options even once you decide you want to deploy an app within your business.

The two primary options these days are an MAM—a mobile application management solution—and an MDM—a mobile device management solution. An MAM manages mobility at the app level, while an MDM unsurprisingly manages it at a device level. Deciding between the two can seem difficult and confusing at times. 

So: are you unsure about whether or not an MAM is right for your business? Here are 4 signs it might be for you: Continue Reading

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5 Insights on Enterprise Mobility from the Enterprise Mobility Exchange

The Enterprise Mobility Exchange (EME) has long been a forum for companies implementing mobility strategies, as well as companies like ours which help enable enterprise mobility. As it turns out, they’re also a great source of insight on the state of enterprise mobility. 

For their new report, “The Global State of Enterprise Mobility: 2016,” EME surveyed over 300 senior mobility practitioners to gauge the strength of mobility in businesses all over the world. Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of good news in this report.

We had a look and thought we’d share our key takeaways from the findings of EME’s survey. Here are our top 5 takeaways from the report: Continue Reading

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Infographic: Perception vs. Reality In Application Security

There’s a significant disconnect between perception and reality in mobile health and finance app security.

At least, that’s the conclusion of a new study by app protection company Arxan, which just released its 5th annual State of Application Security Report [All Reports]. Arxan analyzed 126 popular mobile health and finance apps and found that 90% tested positive for at least two critical security risks.

Perhaps more surprising was the disconnect between perception and reality in the space. According to the Arxan survey, a combined 84% of mobile app users and executives believe their mobile apps are “adequately secure,” despite the security flaws we just mentioned.

For even more information from this study, see the infographic below: Continue reading

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What’s Next After Security In Enterprise Mobility?

A new study released by RightScale last month delivered big news about cloud computing: security is no longer the number 1 challenge related to deploying cloud solutions.

Last year, 28% of IT professionals surveyed cited security as a challenge to cloud, while 27% cited a lack of resources/expertise. This year, the tables turned: 32% cited lack of resources/expertise as a challenge, while 29% cited security.

RightScale’s study may be centered around the state of cloud computing, but its findings also tell us a lot about what’s coming down the pipe for enterprise mobility.

Think about the general deployment process for any new technology in the enterprise—Internet, smartphones, a cloud service, you name it. Whenever a new technology is introduced, IT says no or is hesitant to get on board. Why? You guessed it. Security.

Given a bit of time to develop understanding about the technology, though, security is no longer the biggest issue. Security continues to be important throughout the technology’s lifecycle, but after a while, it’s overtaken by something much more challenging: developing the resources, knowledge, and skillset needed to make the best and highest use of the technology at hand.

As RightScale’s cloud survey shows us, cloud followed this development cycle to a ‘T.’ When it was first introduced, security was the number 1 challenge. Now that organizations have had time to better understand cloud security challenges and how to solve them, though, they’re faced with developing the talent and knowledge needed to really get the most out of cloud.

Right now, enterprise mobility seems to be following a similar path. A Gemalto survey found that over 95% of IT departments are battling with security challenges as they try to increase mobility within their organization. A Dell study showed similar findings. All across the enterprise, security continues to be a top concern as it relates to harnessing mobility strategies.

If history is any indication—and we think it is—then it won’t be long before security ceases to be the number 1 concern surrounding enterprise mobility. Soon, enterprises will instead be faced with discovering new ways to capitalize on mobility and to develop truly comprehensive mobility strategies. That’s much more difficult, but it’s absolutely essential for companies who hope to stay on the cutting-edge.

What’s next after security in enterprise mobility, then, is expertise. Learning from the path cloud has taken in the enterprise, the time to start investing in knowledge and resources for mobility is now. If you can get ahead of the curve and get your organization to invest in developing the knowledge needed to make the most of enterprise mobility, you’ll be in a much better place once security is no longer the top concern.

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Lessons from Mobile World Congress: “Mobile Is Far More Than Mobile”

Mobile World Congress wrapped up earlier this week, and although we didn’t make the trip across the pond to Barcelona, we’ve been keeping a close eye on this year’s events and insights.

MWC 16 didn’t disappoint in terms of new tech–from connected cars to VR–but it remains to be seen how much of this new technology will translate quickly over to the enterprise. Much of the tech at MWC is already on the cutting-edge of the consumer market, and we all know how slow the enterprise is at adopting new technologies.

One of our favorite commentaries on MWC 16 came from Vanessa Hunt, head of mobile at GroupM. Writing for AdNews, Hunt notes that “mobile is far more than mobile.” As she sees it, mobile “is now a convergence of devices, connectivity, and digital service.”

Though she’s talking about mobile as an idea as it relates to all the new technologies on display at MWC, her statement–that mobile is far more than mobile–is one that carries over to the enterprise.

You may not be deploying wearables to all of your employees or using VR to telecommute, but you can still take a note from Hunt and work towards a company-wide approach to mobility that is comprehensive. Rather than just being a means to an end, mobility is a valuable way to bring your company together through that convergence of devices, connectivity, and digital service that Hunt mentions.

Is a change in approach to mobile strategy as ‘sexy’ as that shiny new connected car at MWC 16? Maybe not. But from where we sit, it’s much more likely to have an immediate impact within the enterprise.

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