App47 Feature Update: Full iOS Crash Log Integration

For mobile app developers, few pieces of post-deployment data are as important as crash logs. It’s valuable to have information about who is using apps and how often, but if developers aren’t able to see why and how frequently their apps are crashing, long-term app usage will suffer.

Last week, we discussed changes to geodata in the App47 platform. This week, we’re pleased to announce some new changes to the way iOS crash logs are handled. We hope this change will make it easier than ever for people who use our platform to understand why their apps crash. Continue Reading

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App47 Feature Update: Changes to Geodata

For our clients whose businesses span city, state, or national borders, knowing exactly where their mobile apps are being used is essential. Having a way to look at who is using apps and where can provide valuable insight about an app’s adoption, and enables companies to shift on the fly should they observe an unusual or interesting pattern in usage data.

App47 customers have always had access to some form of geodata along with the rest of their session data that tells them how many times apps are used, how often they’re opened, when they crash, and other valuable information. We’ve made some changes to the way we tag and present geodata, however, and we think this will be a great feature for many of our new customers. Continue Reading

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4Parents Releases New UI With the Help of App47

Brandon Frye and his team at 4Parents have been App47 customers for a long time. When we spoke late last year, 4Parents was just getting started. Today, we wanted to follow up to discuss some exciting recent developments from Brandon and the 4Parents platform.

In case you’re not already familiar with 4Parents, here’s a quick overview. 4Parents is a collection of apps designed to help parents protect and manage their families. They aren’t just any apps, though; the 4Parents team has tested and evaluated hundreds of parental apps. The only apps in the bundle(s) are the ones that made the cut with the team. Customers receive the apps at a discount versus if they purchased them individually. We’re big fans of the company and support Brandon’s mission to better help parents manage their families’ tech lives.

Since we last wrote about them, a lot has changed for 4Parents. Continue Reading

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The 5 Best Apps for Making the Most Out of Your Summer

It’s hard to believe summer is already almost here. But alas, with almost half the year already behind us, it’s almost time for many of us to book a vacation and head to a beach, catch a flight overseas, or just get away for a few nights for a short trip to unwind.

Though it’s always nice to turn off the phone and unplug on vacation, we can’t deny the convenience of having a smartphone in-hand on longer trips. With that in mind, we thought we’d kick off summer with a list of 5 of the best apps we’ve found for making the most of your summer vacation.

Here are 5 of our favorite apps for the upcoming summer season: Continue Reading

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You Don’t Have Users—You Have “Internal Customers”

Any company that’s ever been frustrated by low adoption rates of one of their enterprise apps knows just how important it is to have employee advocates. Of course, employees won’t be advocates for apps if they don’t believe the apps are worth advocating for.

Creating advocates—employees who will champion enterprise apps and boost adoption rates—is difficult, but not impossible. One way to get started on the process is to change the script: don’t think of your employees as users, think of them as “internal customers.” Continue Reading

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Identifying the Biggest Threats to Mobile Security

With more mobile devices being unveiled and used every day, it’s no wonder that mobile security is quickly becoming more top-of-mind for employers, consumers, and employees alike.

Today’s mobile security landscape is more complicated than ever. So, where are the threats coming from? What do they look like? And what are today’s organizations doing to counter them?

In a new infographic, IBM examined these security threats to try to give a snapshot of what’s at play in attempts to secure the mobile enterprise. Here are some of the more interesting statistics they gathered: Continue Reading

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Report: Two In Three Organizations Ban Employees from Using Public WiFi

Here’s some news that’s probably of interest to followers of the enterprise mobility industry: according to enterprise WiFi connectivity provider iPass, almost two-thirds of organizations ban their mobile workforce from accessing free WiFi hotspots.

In their latest Mobile Security Report, iPass surveyed 500 organizations from the US, UK, Germany, and France, and found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that 92% of respondents were concerned about security issues arising from a growing mobile workforce. 37% of those polled argued the biggest security threat was free WiFi, followed by employees’ lack of attention to security (36%) and managing the various devices employees use (27%). Continue Reading

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App47 Customer Success Story: AppNotch

We talk frequently about the features and functionality of the App47 platform. But as most customers know, it’s one thing to hear about how good a product is from the source—and it’s another thing entirely to hear positive comments from a happy customer.

Our team recently caught up with AppNotch, a long-time customer of App47, to talk about how they use our platform as part of their unique tool that “Appifies” any business.

Normally, the process of developing an app is a resource- and time-intensive process. You need to hire an iOS or Android developer, decide what you want, and have it built out and tested until it’s ultimately ready for release. This can be very expensive and can take months from ideation to execution. Continue Reading

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What Employees Want (In a Mobile App)

What do employees want in a mobile app? 

Writing for CIO Online, Sarah K. White discusses how companies can create apps that employees actually want to use. As she sees it, enterprise mobile apps should keep the user in mind through every stage of development—just like consumer apps. With that in mind, here are three big things employees want in a mobile app: Continue Reading

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4 Signs MAM Is Right for Your Business

We talk a lot about enterprise mobility adoption rates, the benefits of mobile apps in the enterprise, and even what’s up-and-coming in the industry. But, as anyone who’s ever looked into enterprise mobility solutions knows, there are a number of different deployment options even once you decide you want to deploy an app within your business.

The two primary options these days are an MAM—a mobile application management solution—and an MDM—a mobile device management solution. An MAM manages mobility at the app level, while an MDM unsurprisingly manages it at a device level. Deciding between the two can seem difficult and confusing at times. 

So: are you unsure about whether or not an MAM is right for your business? Here are 4 signs it might be for you: Continue Reading

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