Employees Want Mobile-First Work Experiences—But They Aren’t Getting Them

Despite the proliferation of smartphones and enterprise mobility management systems, as well as the explosion of consumer app development, it seems that many employees aren’t getting the work experiences they desire.

That’s the conclusion of a recent report by Sapho and Forrester Research, which explored how business apps can accelerate digital transformation in the enterprise. Though the study doesn’t deal exclusively with enterprise mobility, mobile apps are a key talking point of some of the study’s biggest findings.

Here are just a few highlights: Continue Reading

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You Don’t Just Need Apps—You Need an App Store

The idea of an app store is to give more empowerment for business users. It delivers a clear message: IT lets you use the best tools to perform your work, help yourself and take control. So it is not just an app store, it is a cultural change for IT and business. 

So said writer Sue Marquette Poremba in a piece for IT Business Edge on the power of enterprise app stores. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we couldn’t agree more.

A lot of the focus on our blog is around developing and managing applications in the enterprise. And while apps are obviously an important piece of the puzzle—as is proactive management and tracking—the humble enterprise app store can be the difference between a good mobility program and a great one. Continue Reading

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Study Finds App Developers Are Rushing App Releases

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know just how much we stress the importance of developing apps with great user experiences and real utility in the workplace. It’s simple: good apps help increase adoption rates, keep your employees engaged, and may even help mitigate shadow IT usage.

The trouble is, of course, that apps don’t grow on trees. Developing any app—much less one that checks all the boxes we just listed—takes a sizeable investment of time and money. It also involves finding a team of developers, internal or external, who are up to the task. All of which is to say that there’s a lot of pressure on companies to develop and deploy apps—and quickly. Continue Reading

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Not Tracking Performance? Don’t Bother With Apps

Are you tracking and testing the performance of mobile apps in your enterprise? If you aren’t, you shouldn’t even bother with apps.

Okay—so maybe that’s a little dramatic. But the main premise of the statement holds true: if you aren’t tracking the performance of your suite of mobile apps, you’ll never realize their full potential. Continue Reading

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Should You Embrace Shadow IT?

Few phrases in the enterprise are as polarizing as “shadow IT.”

Shadow IT, which refers to the use by employees of apps or devices that are not sanctioned by the company, is widely debated. Some security professionals view shadow IT as an unavoidable reality; others fiercely contest it and view it as a serious security risk. The explosive growth of mobile device uses—from Apple Watches to smartphones and everything in between—has only made the issue more difficult to navigate. Continue Reading

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5 Must-Have Back-to-School Apps

It’s that time again: time to start thinking about all the excitement (and stress!) that comes with the start of the school year. Before our kids go back to school, there’s lots to be done, from shopping for school supplies to mapping out carpooling schedules. And once the year starts, there’s no shortage of homework to help with and projects to keep track of.

It should come as no surprise that our team here at App47 are big fans of using apps to simplify life’s biggest challenges—and the back-to-school rush is no exception. Here are 5 apps we can’t live without come the start of the school year: Continue Reading

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In Mobile Apps, Function Trumps Form

You’ve heard it before: form should never trump function. But often, it does. Consumers have all too much experience with that phone that doesn’t quite work right, or those shoes that look great but wear out too soon, or, apparently, that app that promises the world but always falls just a little bit short.

Pressured by the urge to release the next big app, consumer app developers too often pump out great looking apps with short shelf lives and bad user experiences. Companies do it, too. Though this may not be a huge surprise, research shows that functionality—not looks—is what will make an app stick over the long-term.

Last year, Dimensional Research dug into the issue of user satisfaction with mobile apps. Among other things, they found that: Continue Reading

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Survey Finds Enterprises View iOS as Most Secure Platform, with Others Following Closely Behind

Perception matters. From first dates to vendor contracts, a positive perception is what gets you in the door.

In the enterprise mobility space, perceptions about security, ease of use, cost, and customer support all factor into a company’s decision to deploy one type of device over another. According to a recent survey by Tech Pro Research, Apple is winning the perception game when it comes to platform security. Continue Reading

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What’s Your Dialpad Solution?

As Heather Clancy explained in a recent article for FORTUNE, desk phones chain workers to one location. Businesses need phones, of course, but proprietary telecom equipment is expensive. Business telecom, it seems, is in need of a bit of a reinvention.

Cloud startup Dialpad hopes to change the communications space and is taking advantage of the enterprise mobile app trend to do it. Dialpad CEO Craig Walker told FORTUNE that the company is trying to figure out “How do you take the best of mobile app technology and use those tools to replace the enterprise voice system?” Continue Reading

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Betting on IoT for future success? Not without EMM

According to a report recently released by British telecommunications provider Vodafone, 8 in 10 businesses are betting on the Internet of Things for future success. In fact, as Computer Business Review notes, half of those (4 in 10) are already fully up and running with some sort of IoT strategy.

Things only get more interesting from there; 63% of the 1,096 respondents from 17 countries said they’ve seen significant ROI on their IoT efforts, and 24% of the IT budget at those same companies is now directed exclusively towards IoT. For a technology that hasn’t even reached maturity, that’s remarkable. Continue Reading

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