Employee Empowerment: The Key to Enterprise Mobility Adoption?

As more and more companies grow aware of the benefits of mobility, they’ll also realize a critical fact: that without engaged employees, enterprise mobility can never succeed.

Put another way, unless employees embrace mobility and use the company’s mobility solutions for their intended purpose, the enterprise will never fully realize the gains in productivity, efficiency, and any number of other cost-saving effects that mobility can bring.

So: what’s the key to enterprise mobility adoption?

In a recent piece for IT ProPortal, Daniel Kraft coins a concept that we think may be an answer: “employee empowerment.”

“In every success we’ve seen in enterprise mobility so far,” says Kraft, “there’s been one major recurring theme: a company’s ability to take something that was once complex and present it in an easy, convenient way to its people.”

Does your app simplify what was once a complex process? Allow salespeople to meet with more customers? Make securely communicating easier? If it does, you’re empowering employees and starting out your mobility program on the right foot. If your apps don’t make life easier, it may be that you’ve simply taken a desktop function and made it mobile without improving the process.

Kraft’s observation has held true in our client work, too. Transforming the business with the help of mobility is difficult, but makes the long-term effects so much more rewarding. Compared to an app that just takes an old process and puts it on users’ phones, an approach to mobility that’s designed to capitalize on the benefits of mobility and streamline key business processes is much more likely to deliver higher ROI as time goes on.

Is employee empowerment as we’ve explained it here the only key to increasing adoption rates of mobility in the enterprise? Hardly. Ease of signup, software updates, convenient app store search, and reliable apps are just a few of the many other factors that impact adoption. That said, we agree with Kraft that employee empowerment will likely be a critical element at the center of any successful enterprise mobility strategy.

For long-term mobility success, your mobile apps must make your users (from employees to contractors) more efficient. Even if you have everything else in place, without that element of employee empowerment, you’ll have a difficult time finding success.

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Survey Shows High Cost to Companies That Delay Enterprise Mobility Adoption

Why adopt enterprise mobility within your company?

Aside from benefits like business transformation, gains in productivity and efficiency, and better user experience, a new survey by Webtorials and Mitel suggests that cost is an important factor, too.

According to the survey, there’s a significant cost associated with delaying the adoption of enterprise mobility: ranging from just under $3,000 to over $12,000 annually, depending on the type of employee.

Webtorials surveyed IT professionals at 231 enterprises. Their analysis quantified how much productivity, in time, was lost due to ineffective enterprise mobility practices for knowledge workers, information workers, and service workers.

They found that potential annual costs due to productivity loss were $12,493 for knowledge workers, $9,283 for information workers, and $2,993 for service workers. At the companies surveyed, that adds up to about $186,000 per week or $36 million per year–all because of a lack of effective enterprise mobility!

Of course, many companies aren’t operating at the same scale as the enterprises surveyed by Webtorials. Nonetheless, these results show how much companies have to gain by deploying and adopting a successful strategy for enterprise mobility. It also seems that in some cases, a poorly-run enterprise mobility program could be worse for productivity than not having an enterprise mobility program at all.

Seeing true ROI from your enterprise mobility program takes a well-managed strategy centered on user-friendly apps and detailed analytics. As this study shows, there’s much more to mobility in the enterprise than just fancy apps and other mobile-friendly software. Companies could be missing out on tremendous gains in productivity just by continuing to delay their enterprise mobility programs.

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App47 Turns 5: A Recap

Did you miss the big news? App47 turned 5 years old this month!

To celebrate the occasion, we spent a few weeks looking back on our history—and looking forward towards where we’re headed.

To close out the month of our 5th birthday (App47 officially turned 5 on January 21st, 2016), today, we’re going to recap our “App47 Turns 5” series.

Here are the highlights from this huge milestone in our company’s history:

  • Looking Back: As we show in part 1 here, to say the market has evolved since we launched in 2011 would be an understatement. Enterprise mobility has gone from being a relatively unknown technology to being commonplace in today’s enterprise. We’ve made many changes along the way, but watching the industry’s growth path has been a whole lot of fun.
  • Where We Are Now: Where are we now? A better place than we’ve ever been since founding the company. Our product is more stable than ever, we know who our customers are and where to find them, and 2016 is shaping up to be our best year yet. Find out more in part 2 of the series, linked here.
  • Where We’re Headed: In the final part of our series, we show—in the context of a recent conversation with a prospect—how mature the enterprise mobility ecosystem is today. The number of new industries taking mobility seriously is higher than ever, and stakeholders are also more educated than ever about mobility. Put briefly, we’re in just the right position to help more companies adopt enterprise mobility.

Needless to say, it’s been an exciting month here for the App47 team, and we’re glad we were able to spend a little bit of time commemorating our company turning 5.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, it’s back to work. Time to figure out what the roadmap will look like between now and our 10th year as a company.

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App47 Turns 5: Where We’re Headed

The big day is finally here: as of today, App47 is 5 years old!

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve celebrated this milestone by recapping our history and discussing our place in the market today. To build on that theme and wrap up our birthday series, we’re going to conclude our celebration with a look at where App47 is headed.

To get a better handle on what’s in store for App47’s future, it helps to loop in a conversation we had with a prospect the other day.

The prospect—a representative of a large foreign bank—got in touch with us in her process of searching for a mobility solution. She saw the value of owning the customer and employee experiences and having a suite of apps. She was well educated about mobility and wanted to deploy quickly—by Q2 2016. Security was obviously important to her and the bank, but again, she realized there are now multitudes of ways to manage mobile security in the enterprise.

There are two things that stuck out about this conversation. One was her company’s industry: banking. Just 2 to 3 years ago, it was practically unheard of for companies in the financial services sector to be serious about mobility—much less deploying in 2 quarters. The second was her general level of education about mobility. Again, her level of knowledge in our conversation was significantly higher than we’d normally have seen a few years ago. Back then, clients weren’t coming to us in search of a solution. We were going to them and convincing them about the value of mobility in the enterprise.

The number of new industries now taking mobility seriously (especially highly regulated industries like banking), combined with stakeholders’ high levels of education about mobility, shows us clearly that the market is more mature than it’s ever been. That bodes well for us.

Where are we headed? We’re headed towards a growing client base in a growing market with a product that’s evolving every day, and tailored to the specific needs of different companies.

As new markets open up and companies continue to get a better read on what exactly it is that they need, we’re in just the right position to help more organizations adopt enterprise mobility and find success moving forward.

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App47 Turns 5: Where We Are Now

With our fifth birthday as a company less than a week away, today, we’re going to continue our brief series recapping our history, current standing, and future. Last week, we talked about where we came from, so this week we’re going to continue and talk a bit about where we stand today after 5 years in business.

The short story is that we’re in a better place now than we’ve ever been since founding the company on January 21st, 2011.

The long story is this: our product has been up and running for four and a half years now. We support thousands of users. Our product is stable and continues to grow. From a research and development perspective, we are exactly where we should be. We continue investing in the App47 platform to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.

We’re also on solid ground from a marketing perspective. We have our best view yet of who our customers are, and where to find them. Though at previous points in our history we had questions about what our market looked like (and how to market to our target audience), the path forward is clearer than ever.

The market is also maturing, which is good for us in a number of ways. For one, a bigger market obviously means potential for more business. But it also contributes to the strength and development of the App47 platform. The companies we’ve worked with since the beginning have used MAM in some incredibly creative ways. As we’ve helped them, we’ve also built upon our product with newer, more creative features based off of those innovative ideas. The maturing market has helped inject a ton of great features across the board, making the platform better for everyone.

Put all of that together, and you can see why 2015 was our best year ever for revenue growth. 2016 is shaping up to be even bigger.

We’re on a growth path with true metrics—not just in a “the pipeline feels better” sense, but in true, measurable fashion. If things keep heading in the same direction, as we think they will, there’s nowhere to go but up for App47 and the rest of the enterprise mobility market. We couldn’t be happier to be in the position we’re in today.

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App47 Turns 5: Looking Back

Big news from our team: App47 turns 5 in just a few short weeks on January 21st!

Over the next few weeks we’re going to celebrate this important milestone here on our blog with a brief series on our history—where we’ve been, where we are now, where we’re going, and what it all means moving forward. We see this as an exciting opportunity to talk about our company, and we’re even more excited to see what the next five years will bring!

For now, however, what better place to start than looking back?

To say the market—and our company—have evolved since we launched in 2011 would be an understatement.

For one, the enterprise mobility space has grown tremendously in the last five years. It’s still nascent now, so it’s hard to believe there was much of a market at all when we first started. (There was a market, albeit a small one.)

Think of the story of the laptop in the enterprise setting. When laptops were new technology, it was a big deal for an employee to get one, both from a logistics standpoint and from a cost perspective. No one knew how they’d be utilized or if the additional cost was worth it. Now, laptops are so ubiquitous that no one bats an eye when an employee receives one as part of their onboarding process.

Enterprise mobility is following the same trajectory. When App47 first came to be, there was a large amount of ambiguity about enterprise mobility, and specifically mobile app management. What would it be used for? Why not just manage the device? Would employees buy in to mobility at all? Companies weren’t sure what EMM was, they weren’t sure what they needed, and they certainly didn’t know what the space would look like headed into the future. Early adopters are now mature mobile enterprises, and all along the way the space has grown more mature.

We’ve changed a good bit as a company, too. Entrepreneurs and other startups will be able to relate to deals we’ve taken along the way. We’ve given up revenue to have big logos on our website. We’ve negotiated with other companies and entertained small or short engagements because some revenue is better than no revenue. We’ve placed bets on a company hitting it big and working with us that paid off—and we’ve done some that didn’t pan out, too.

Life at a company that’s 6 months old and doing anything it can to find clients is much different than life at a company that’s been around for 5 years and has the portfolio of success to push itself forward. Fortunately, we’re the company that’s been around for 5 years now rather than the former.

Now, we know where we’re headed. We’re a lot smarter. We’re more frugal and more mature. We know our target. We have a good background and a track record of success at Fortune 500 companies with large-scale, customized solutions deploying to employees, consultants, third-party providers, and more. And we’re devoting all our effort towards fine-tuning that model to give the best performance possible. Realizing where we perform best allowed us to have our best year ever in 2015. 2016 is looking even better.

A lot has changed since we launched the company five years ago, but we couldn’t be more pleased with what we’ve accomplished or where we’re headed—even if that has meant some compromise along the way. Our platform has given us a great foothold in a space that’s still very young—something we’re very thankful for. If the amount of change we’ve seen in the last five years is any indication, a lot of exciting evolution is in store from now until App47 turns 10.

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What’s Ahead for Enterprise Mobility In 2016?

As we’ve done the last few years, we’re going to wrap up the end of the year with our outlook for 2016. And let us just say now: the New Year is shaping up to be a good one.

The biggest trend we see ahead for enterprise mobility next year is one we’re already starting to see in the deals we’ve won in 2015 and the new leads we’re talking to: that MDM isn’t fitting the bill. It’s not that MDM is broken or doesn’t work—it’s that people are realizing they need the right tool for the job.

MDM worked during the early stages of enterprise mobility adoption, but its utility has decreased as needs have become more complex. In an environment where employees have several devices each, MDM is cost-prohibitive because it’s paid per device. It’s also harder to deploy; the enterprise has to get the agent on every device, onboard each one of them, and get them integrated. What’s more, the restrictions are difficult to navigate. The MDM takes full control of the device—something that’s harder to overcome now that many devices are user-owned.

Long story short, today’s enterprises have new needs that they didn’t have even just five years ago. They’re looking for an easier way to deploy apps to employees, service providers, consultants, and other participants in the ecosystem. We’re already starting to see the effects of these changes on our pipeline and expect this shift to continue heading into 2016.

Another big change underway is the dawn of enterprise apps being built en masse, which in itself is driving a huge surge in demand for MAM. The speed at which the enterprise app marketplace grows sets the growth pace of MAM, and recently, it’s picked up a lot of steam.

New app-building platforms are allowing enterprises to build apps much faster and much more securely, while still meeting the complex security and IT requirements within the enterprise environment. (App47’s mantra for 2016 is largely centered on continuing to add more and more security features to our platform.)

Just as the surging pace of consumer app growth had a huge impact on the consumer market a few years ago, so too will this change of pace in the enterprise app market have a huge impact on related industries like MAM.

The continued growth of enterprise mobility has been so large that 2 Fortune 50 companies want to own the full experience—not just with employees, but all the way down to the consumer level—and are building their own app stores using the App47 platform to do so. They want to build and securely deploy their apps, and have full control of the branding experience. It’s an exciting time for these companies and an even more exciting team for us here at App47.

With these trends already impacting us today, there’s a lot of promising change in store for enterprise mobility in 2016. We look forward to seeing these predictions come to fruition, and we’re proud to be a part of this growing trend in the enterprise mobility space. Happy New Year!

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Happy Holidays from the App47 Team!

From all of us here at the App47 team, we’d like to wish you and yours a happy holidays.

It’s been an exciting year for us. We hope the same has been true for you and your business as we turn the corner on another New Year in 2016.

As Christmas draws closer, we hope, however and whatever you celebrate, that you’re able to find time to relax with friends and family. We know we’ll be enjoying a few calm days at the end of this great year.

Happy holidays, and here’s to another exciting year ahead!

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The App47 Year-End Blog Roundup

What better time than the end of December to review the most exciting things that happened this year?

A lot happened for App47 in 2015. Our business is growing, our product is evolving, and the future is bright. And every week throughout the year, we’ve taken a bit of time to write blogs about what’s happening in our company and across the industry at large. For those of you who haven’t had the time to read every single blog, we thought that now would be a great time to look back at the most popular blogs from 2015.

Without further ado, here are the 5 most popular posts from our blog this year:

  • App47 Mobility Use Cases: AmerisourceBergen: Pharmaceutical services company and long-time App47 client AmerisourceBergen is a textbook example of an enterprise mobility use case. In this post, we take a look at how AmerisourceBergen uses App47, and how companies like it can benefit from EMM.
  • Don’t Panic: Changes Are Coming to Enterprise App Distribution In iOS 9: This September, Apple let developers and enterprise iOS users know that changes were coming. As it turns out, they weren’t as big a deal as everyone thought. Here, we review what these changes mean and how they affect you.
  • Rapid Mobile App Development Works—But Not Without Management: A new trend called Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) has turned traditional app development principles on their head. It’s inexpensive, fast, and efficient—a huge benefit if your company is looking to develop apps. As you’ll find out in this post, however, RMAD isn’t complete without an analytics solution at its side.
  • The Enterprise Mobility Security Problem: There’s a security problem in enterprise mobility. In fact, 95% of IT departments are battling with security challenges in their attempt to increase user mobility within their organization. What’s the solution? Find out in this post.
  • The Current Landscape of Mobile App Management: The final post in our year-end review examines the current landscape of MAM, placing it alongside other key technologies you might find in your enterprise. We may be a little biased, but we think this is a great overview of where MAM is now, as well as where it might be headed in the future.

As you can see, quite a bit happened in the mobile app management ecosystem this year. MAM is gaining momentum faster than ever. If this year was any indication, there are even more exciting things in store for 2016.

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5 Holiday Apps You Won’t Want to Miss

christmas tree blurry in the backgroundIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! We’re talking, of course, about the Christmas season.

There’s no time of the year like Christmas. There’s cookies, gifts, time with family, cozy fires, and handfuls of other activities for spreading holiday cheer. Here at App47, there’s also something else that’s probably not top-of-mind when you think Christmas: apps.

We use apps for work and enable other businesses to use apps every day, but that hasn’t spoiled the fun of using mobile apps to spice up the holidays. Continuing a several-year tradition, here are 5 holiday-related apps you’ll have to try out this year:

  1. NORAD Tracks Santa. This app is a Christmas classic, and for good reason! It’s the official NORAD Santa flight tracker and a great way to make Christmas fun. You can play games, learn about NORAD, and track Santa. And of course, Santa heading your way (with a map to prove it) is a great excuse to get the kids to bed.
  2. The Christmas List ($1.99). Doing some last-minute Christmas shopping? This list app helps you budget for Christmas gifts and organize lists by person. It’s easy to keep track of who needs what. If you already have your Christmas shopping done, keep this around for next year—or use it for other gifts throughout the year!
  3. Waze. Those familiar with Waze, a “traffic outsmarting” app, might wonder what in the world it has to do with the holidays. It’s irrelevant for anyone traveling by air this Christmas, but for those of us driving a few hours to see relatives, Waze is invaluable. It gives you the best route around traffic and will save precious time getting to your destination. Bonus: you can give it to your kids and keep them occupied spotting hazards in the shoulder as you drive to your in-laws’ house.
  4. ElfYourself. Okay, we admit: the novelty of “elfing yourself” wears off pretty quickly, but this quirky app is a great way to get the family to laugh together. All you have to do is take a few photos, and next thing you know your whole family will be presented on-screen as a bunch of dancing elves. It’s hilarious. We promise.
  5. Christmas Music. No Christmas party or cookie-bake-a-thon is complete without a soundtrack of Christmas music. This free app is packed full of some 10,000 free Christmas songs to help get you in the holiday spirit. What could be better? 

Have a favorite holiday app that you’d like to see added to this list? Reach out to us in the comments or on Twitter and let us know!

photo credit: Almost here via photopin (license)

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