Why Your New Enterprise App Will Fail

Last year, we wrote a blog post about what employees want in enterprise mobile apps. The key criteria were (and still are) simple: employees want apps that work, that make their lives easier, and that are easy to use.

Follow those guidelines, and it’s more likely than not that your app will succeed given the right infrastructure and strategy. But what about the opposite end of the spectrum: what are some signs your shiny new app might fail?

Nitesh Mishra of IndiaNIC tackles that question for TG Daily in his article, “Eight Reasons Why Users Reject Your Mobile App.” His list is a good one to keep in mind for anyone thinking about developing a mobile app: Continue Reading

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Are You Afraid of Enterprise Mobility Adoption? Don’t Be

Are you afraid of adopting enterprise mobility?

In a new piece for TechTarget, Steve Damadeo, IT Operations Manager for Festo, argues that organizations “must embrace going mobile so business can move forward.” We couldn’t agree more.

Of course, embracing change isn’t always easy. Any number of obstacles might stand in the way of a company hoping to get on board with enterprise mobility. Here are just a few that Damadeo thinks IT stakeholders should be aware of: Continue Reading

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App47’s New App Store UI Is Going to GA

Early this year, we announced some exciting news: that the App47 App Store was getting a new UI.

With the new release, we’ve changed the way users navigate, made the App Store reactive, refreshed the look, and added user reviews. These new features and look make the App Store easier to use and, we think, more useful overall. The review feature gives developers a direct line to user feedback, and the responsive framework means that users now know exactly what to expect across all of their devices. Continue Reading

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Coming Soon: Changes to Our Agent Technology

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed a number of recent changes to the App47 platform, including the ability to export account data, the addition of single sign-on, the introduction of a brand new UI, and the launch of a new API, App47 APIv2. All of which is to say that it’s been a busy few months here on the App47 team.

Today’s announcement isn’t about a change we’ve already made; this one is forthcoming. We are revisiting how we package our agent libraries and are interested in your thoughts. Continue Reading

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New to the App47 Platform: Export Account Data

When we started our new feature series back in December with a blog post about our new API, we mentioned that we’d have just a few new features to give updates about. Initially, we said there were three updates.

But, after getting through a rundown of our brand new UI and a discussion of the addition of single sign-on, we’re pleased to continue the conversation and say that there’s one more feature we’ve added to the platform! The App47 platform now includes the ability to directly export account data.

Continue Reading

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Single Sign-On Comes to the App47 Platform

It’s been an exciting few months for App47.

We’ve been spending a lot of time updating the App47 platform to be more user-friendly, secure, and useful than ever before. In the past few weeks, we’ve made announcements about a new UI for our App Store, as well as a brand new API designed to eliminate the deficiencies of App47 APIv1.

Today, we’re going to talk briefly about another exciting update: single sign-on. Continue Reading

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New Year, New UI for the App47 App Store

Happy New Year!

Most people view the New Year as an opportunity to improve themselves in some way. That new diet, or exercise routine, or pledge to spend less time on social media always seems a little bit easier after the clock strikes midnight on January 1. We’re here to tell you that companies can do the same thing.

In all honesty, the improvements we’ve made to the App47 platform have been in the works for a long time now. (We talked just a couple of weeks ago about our APIv2.) Late last year, we also rolled out a change that we’re happy to share today: a new App Store UI. Continue Reading

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Merry Christmas from the App47 Team

From everyone on the App47 team to you: Merry (early) Christmas!

2016 has been a great year full of many exciting accomplishments and updates. We’ve updated the App47 platform, spoken to some of the brightest minds in the industry about what’s on the horizon for EMM, and reflected on the big changes underway in our industry.

All throughout our journey this year, we’ve been fortunate enough to have you—our readers, customers, partners, and friends—on our side giving us support. Continue Reading

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We’re Making Changes! App47 Gets a New API

All software matures. And today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made some changes to the App47 platform that we hope will make user experience even better.

In the coming weeks, we’re going to cover several updates to the App47 platform, including a brand new API, a new UI, and single sign-on support. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into making our product better for our customers, and we’re excited to share these updates!

We’ll start with what may be the most significant update: App47 APIv2. Continue Reading

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A New Era: The Enterprise Machine

We’re living in an era of mobility.

Consumers use apps to help track their weight and fitness. To manage airline tickets and Chipotle coupons. To check the latest scores of their favorite teams. And enterprise employees are using apps to help manage inventory, boost productivity, simplify work in the field, and more. All around us, mobile devices and applications are making life easier for us as “users”.

Increasingly, however, we’re noticing the rise of something different than the enterprise user: the enterprise machine. Continue Reading

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