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App47’s Features

App47’s Mobile App Management platform is built to help your organization ensure successful implementation of your mobile app deployment whether it is to your employees to increase their productivity or to your customers to engage with them on their mobile device. With one-click setup, App47 is the fastest and most secure way to create an enterprise app store. Deploy mobile apps, manage app performance, and analyze app effectiveness with ease.

App47’s Mobile Application Management Software offers:

Customizable Enterprise App Store
Customized App Store

Promote your brand in the icon, name and splash screen

Personalized App Selection

Offers public apps from Google Play and iTunes, as well as privately developed apps

Self-Service App Store Enrollment

Simplify enterprise app store adoption with one-click installs from a secure URL.

Over-The-Air App Distribution

Install and update apps as needed

Volume Purchase Program Integration

Integration with Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) facilitates automatic distribution, management and license tracking

User and Group Access Control

– Integrate with existing company active directory (AD/LDAP)
– Restrict app access based on user role
– Disable access if a user leaves the company
– Enforce app compliance policies and monitor app usage status
– Users view only native apps valid for their device

Remote Configuration

Capability to change content within the app without requiring users to update to a newer version

App Version Control

Ensure that the most current, secure version of the app is being used

Mobile Application Testing & Crash Analysis
Real-time Crash Reports

Provide in-depth, granular event data to quickly identify where and why an app crashed – down to an individual line of code

Test Group App Store

Allow for testers to view, install and update beta/test apps for any mobile platform

Crash Report Trend Aggregation

Provides trending to quickly detect mobile platform specific problems

In-App Benchmark Testing

Establishes performance baselines to monitor overall app and discrete user interactions on any supported mobile platform

User Behavior Analytics

Provides performance comparisons for specific apps or user interactions across platforms (OS/device), app versions, OS versions and models to identify performance issues

Performance Monitoring & Analytics
App Usage & Performance Analytics

– Daily Activity: Summarized view of daily usage
– Session duration: Details session length
– User Count: Details total # of users
– Geo-location: Details geographic location of users
– Net New: Breaks out # of new vs. returning users
– App Sessions: Details total # of app sessions
– Device Level Reporting: Usage statistics and device inventory data by OS version, platform, device type and app version

Real-Time Event Data

Pinpoints crash and performance issues

In-App Benchmark Testing

Establishes performance baselines to monitor overall app and discrete user interactions

User Behavior Analytics

Provides performance data on specific app activities or user interactions to identify performance issues

License Management

Provides reports on total downloads and concurrent usage for mobile app license compliance

Compliance Reporting

Tracks user adoption of required apps

Mobile App Platform Essential Features Included

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Your data is your data and will never be sold to third parties for ad targeting or metrics reporting.

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

App47's highly elastic architecture consists of redundant data servers and high transaction processing engines that handles billions of events per month.



All data transfer is encrypted through SSL 128 bit combined with user authentication to fully secure your data.

Platform Agnostic

Platform Agnostic

Supports iOS (including iOS7), Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and pure play HTML5 or hybrids like PhoneGap.

App Wrapper

App Wrapper

Easily integrate App47 into your mobile apps without requiring code changes.

Web Based UI

Web-Based UI

Easy to use, globally accessible, management console for your mobile apps.

Cloud or On-Premise

Cloud or On-Premise

Cloud-based means you get started in minutes. For organizations requiring an on-prem option, we have that too.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Premium solutions don't need to cost a premium. Packages start as low as $150/Month. See details.

24-7 Premium Support

24/7 Premium Support

Email, phone or forum support is available 24/7.

  • Customizable Enterprise App Store

    Managing an enterprise app store lets you ensure the right users have access to the right apps at all times. App47 automates the complexities of mobile app deployments with tools that help you create a self-service enterprise app store that deploys apps to employees, partners and customers alike.

  • Easily deploy and update apps via an intuitive
    cloud-based dashboard.

  • Securely deploy apps to authorized individuals, groups and devices to control which apps can be used where and by whom.

  • Mobile Application Testing & Crash Analysis

    Gain complete visibility into your mobile apps. Immediately see when users are experiencing performance issues rather than wait for them to complain, or worse, abandon your app because of crashes, slow response times or error messages. You can take immediate troubleshooting action to ensure optimal user experience.

  • Real-time crash reports provide in-depth event data to quickly identify where and why an app crashed – down to an individual line of code.

  • Evaluate log files to understand what the user was attempting to do when a fault or crash occurs.

  • Performance Monitoring & Analytics

    App47 delivers mobile app analytics data so you can understand everything you need to know about your mobile app users and how they are using your app. This rich information helps you strengthen user engagement by answering critical questions such as: Who is using the App? When and how are they using it? Where is it running and what issues are they experiencing?

  • Performance monitoring & analytics help you ensure app stability and optimize user engagement.

  • Discover who is using the app, when,
    where, on what device, and more.

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