The App47 Advantage

Recognizing that enterprise is now embracing applications with the same enthusiasm as consumers, App47 has brought breakthrough innovation to Mobile Application Management (MAM) ideally suited to enterprise objectives. Our Cloud-based solution gives our clients the ability to truly optimize the mobile user experience without compromising data privacy. They can deploy, manage and analyze their enterprise mobile applications with welcome speed and reassuring security.

App47 Mobile Application Management encompasses the complete application lifecycle, making it the fastest, most secure solution for application deployment, management and analysis for any enterprise ready to go mobile.

What makes the App47 solution different?

  • Designed to optimize the mobile user experience
  • Encompasses the complete mobile application lifecycle
  • Focuses on mobile applications instead of devices
  • Built using a single embedded library rather than multiple agents
  • Facilitates automation and management of multi-tiered mobility workflows
  • Secure, data privacy for the enterprise

App47 implements Mobile Application Management solutions for a complete range of clients, from large-enterprise (B2E) to customer and partner-facing deployments (B2C and B2B). We also pursue partnership/channel opportunities with OEMs/ISVs, and government-sector implementations (B2G).

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