App47 Plays Well With HTML5

Remember a few weeks ago when we told you you could implement App47’s Mobile Application Management solution without writing a single line of code?

We weren’t finished. Today, we’re pleased to officially announce App47’s ability to support HTML5. As explained by our irrepressible CTO Andy Glover, “HTML5 support is a natural evolution to the App47 product line. More and more enterprise clients are choosing HTML5 over native when looking to get out the door faster and deliver mobile apps to employees in less time and for less money. The ability to add App47’s mobile app management capabilities to an HTML5 app is a big win for enterprise organizations.”

Read our official press announcement here.

And if you need to hear more from Andy (and really, who doesn’t?), check out his talk on measuring true enterprise mobile app performance this afternoon at the first day of MoDevEast!

About Jim Casey

Jim Casey, App47 Director of Marketing, is a 10-year IT marketing and sales veteran with deep experience in product marketing, business development, and alliance management.

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