What’s it take to get a true picture of mobile app performance? Ask me tomorrow afternoon at MoDevEast!

It’s time to get smart about performance analytics — the secret ingredient for adding real value to your enterprise mobile app. Getting a grip on app performance is one thing. Seeing how it plays on different devices, across different operating systems, even in different locations and you can really start to fine-tune its effectiveness.

And that’s just for starters. Device-based data becomes even more significant when you can view it through the lens of user interaction.  Weigh functionality against user expectation. Go beyond a download to really determine engagement and you’re refining apps that can transcend the novelty of mobility to really add value to the enterprise.

That’s what I’ll be talking about tomorrow afternoon at MoDevEast/MoDevAcademy.

There’s still time to sign up. Look forward to seeing you there!

About Andy Glover

Andrew Glover is an established expert in software development processes, techniques, and tools. He has spent his career working with companies large and small in various vertical markets such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecommunications, and ISVs; what’s more, he is the founder of multiple open source projects including 2009‘s Jolt Award winner easyb. He is the co-author of Addison-Wesley’s 2008 Jolt Award winner “Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk”, Wiley’s “Java Testing Patterns”, and Manning’s “Groovy in Action”, as well as a frequent author for multiple online publications. Andrew is also a regular speaker at worldwide conferences on topics such as collaborative development, Continuous Integration, Behavior Driven Development, software assurance, and Agile engineering practices.

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