App47 Approved: Cooking Planit — A Thanksgiving App That’s No Turkey

We’re gearing up for a great Thanksgiving. As we come to the close of a tremendous calendar year, we at App47 have a lot to be thankful for, and we’re planning some serious celebratory eating.

We tend not to be fussy types. If it’s in front of us and not moving, it’s going to get eaten. But we also realize that there are plenty of folks who put their holiday hearts in to preparing an awesome meal. To help accomplish that objective, we’ve happened upon an appropriately cool app, Cooking Planit, which you can check out here

Developed by our friend Jonathan Vlock, Cooking Planit is a smart, step-by-step way to “build a full meal”, from grocery list to table top. It does just about everything except load the dishwasher, walking even the most trepidatious chefs through a recipe step-by-step.

We’ve already given the iOS app a test run and it is, as promised, like a GPS for cooking. And the bleu cheese mashed potatoes are going to be a killer addition to a few tables this Thursday.

If you’re looking for a smart way to shake up your Thanksgiving menu or boost your kitchen confidence, we give Cooking Planit kudos.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at App47!

PS:  As a quick aside, many of us will be mopping gravy out of our righteous moustaches, the result of our month-long Movember commitment. If you’re interested in supporting our efforts to battle prostate cancer, click here!

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Jim Casey, App47 Director of Marketing, is a 10-year IT marketing and sales veteran with deep experience in product marketing, business development, and alliance management.

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