App Wrapper Means You Don’t Get Wrapped Up Accessing MAM Advantages

What if we told you it was possible to implement Mobile Application Management capability without having to write a single line of code? You’d probably think we’d been sniffing printer cartridges.

Well, lose that skeptical look, because we’re officially announcing the release of App Wrapper, a new App 47 innovation that  gives you the full value of our solution with no need to be part of the dev process. We call it “Frictionless MAM” — and it’s smoother than Billy Dee Williams.

We’ve already tested it a few times. It’s knocking hours off the dev cycle and getting apps in play a lot faster. In fact, several clients now say it’s the only way they’re going to develop their enterprise mobile apps.

Check out our official announcement here.

About Chris Schroeder

Chris Schroeder is a seasoned entrepreneur who has worked at UUNet providing the management systems for the World Wide Network Operations Center. After leaving UUNet, he successfully built and ran several startups with the most recent, RealOps, being sold to BMC Software in 2007 at 20x revenue. RealOps was a Run Book Automation product in Enterprise Management space. Chris was directly responsible for all Engineering, Q&A and customer support. With App47, he is applying over 25 years of product development experience in Enterprise Management to the fast moving domain of Enterprise Mobile App Management.

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