Gartner Says Enterprise App Stores a Top Tech Trend for 2013

It might be too early to start putting up Christmas decorations, but it’s not too early to start making predictions for the year ahead — especially when those predictions speak favorably about one of our core offerings.

Patrick Thibodeau at ComputerWorld ran down Gartner’s recent list of forthcoming tech trends. Several make us happy, including the continued rise of mobile devices and ever richer analytics. The one we like most, however, is #10 on the list:

Ten: Enterprise App Stores

Enterprise App Stores will turn IT departments into market managers, providing governance and even support to “apptrepreneurs.” App store markets will become the “anchor point” for users to get everything they need.

We serve up just such a solution with our enterprise app store, which is being used to host thousands of apps. If Gartner’s picks come true, we’re ready for even more. Though to be fair, know that once your app store is built, there’s a lot more you can do to ensure the success of your enterprise mobile apps.

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Jim Casey, App47 Director of Marketing, is a 10-year IT marketing and sales veteran with deep experience in product marketing, business development, and alliance management.

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