From mid-May’s Enterprise Mobility Forum, Philippe Winthrop articulates the differences between Mobile Application Management and Mobile Device Management. The distinctions may seem obvious, but he adds important emphasis:

Application management is the strategy and process around developing/procuring, securing, deploying, accessing configuring, updating and removing (business) applications from mobile devices used by the employees…notice how I didn’t say an employee’s devices, because it could be some ruggedized devices that are used by various employees.

Device management is about configuring the mobile devices and making sure that the IT policies that have been set up remain intact, as well as monitoring the overall status and health of the device.

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Chris Schroeder is a seasoned entrepreneur who has worked at UUNet providing the management systems for the World Wide Network Operations Center. After leaving UUNet, he successfully built and ran several startups with the most recent, RealOps, being sold to BMC Software in 2007 at 20x revenue. RealOps was a Run Book Automation product in Enterprise Management space. Chris was directly responsible for all Engineering, Q&A and customer support. With App47, he is applying over 25 years of product development experience in Enterprise Management to the fast moving domain of Enterprise Mobile App Management.

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